The origins of our enterprise date back to 2007, Munich, Germany,when Kath, a student of Business Administration, made her first steps in the cleaning industry founding a one-person domestic and commercial cleaning service. Learning how to meet expectations of demanding Bavarian customers, who above all value immaculate tidiness, precision, efficiency and eco-friendliness, shaped Kath's vision of genuine cleanliness and order. 

The German word 'sauber' means 'clean' or 'tidy'. 

The enterprise has been reactivated in 2013 in London under the name Kath Sauber Quality Cleaning Services. Today we proudly serve our customers in Central, South and West London, making sure they return to fresh  and spotless homes after exhausting day or start their daily tasks in tidy offices. 

The symbol of Kath Sauber is not a tiger, not a rabbit and not a thunderbolt. It's a hummingbird.  these unique tiny birds belong to the smallest and the most spectacular creatures on Earth due to their incredible flying skills, unmatched precision in obtaining nectar, extreme efficiency in energymanagement and powers in the air. Other birds look rather clumsy compared to hummingbirds. We want to be different than others. Unmatched. Above the average.