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We deliver value

We recognise that how we work sets the tone for how each customer and their property is judged.
The devil is in the details, thus we fulfill our tasks with precision, attention to detail and commitment. 
Our work is a mission.
We are aware that working in households and office spaces means entering the most private and confidential  spheres of our clients' lives and requires responsibility and discreetness.
Although nobody and nothing is perfect, we always aim to achieve excellence (in the time given!), because we care. 
After our cleaning, every surface with potential to shine, will do so.
We will tidy up, dust, hoover and sanitise your house and office from top to bottom leaving it not only clean,  but also looking smart and aesthetically pleasing. 

If requested we will additionally:

  •  iron shirts,
  •  wash laundry,
  •  tidyup and clean fridge,
  •  tidy up and clean cupboards and wardrobes,
  •  clean windows as far as we can reach,
  •  clean ovens,
  •  sweep terrace and footpaths,
  •  feed and walk your pet.

Simply said: we will look after your household and office.

The way we work

We partially use our own equipment including cleaning cloths, floor mops, squeegees and eco-friendly cleaning liquid.
We usually work in pairs, although it requires additional focus and coordination.But it allows us to shorten the cleaning time by half and thus let you enjoy the cleanliness and your peace quicker.
Our cleaning operatives are trained and work under constant supervision during their first weeks in action.


In fulfilling our daily duties we follow the thought of Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, a valued politician, social activist, writer, historian and former Auschwitz concentration camp prisoner:

'It is worth being honest, though it doesn't always pay off. 
It pays off being dishonest, but it isn't worth it.‘

Honesty and customers' trust are our core values and assets. We believe in sustainable growth based on righteousness.


We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible and for our daily cleaning and limescale removal we use one of Germans' favourite ecological products, a cleaning liquid present on the German market since 1986, effective at work and gentle to our skin and lungs.

 Living wage

We believe that good work can be done only by happy and satisfied personnel, who feel positive about their workplace. We want to provide an excellent service by recruiting and keeping only good people. 
Exploiting staff is never a proper way to run a business and to assure a sustainable growth. 
Most of us work for a living, but nobody should live just for work.
We pay our cleaning operatives an hourly rate that is above the London Living Wage.
We are aware that the number of cheap cleaning services around London keeps on growing, but low cost companies and agencies very likely underpay their employees making the quality of their work rather doubtful.
At Kath Sauber  Quality Cleaning Services we do not compete on prices, we compete on quality.


Nobody is perfect, mistakes and accidents happen. Safety is something we do not compromise on. 
Our staff and labour are fully insured including employer's and public liability insurance by A rated Underwriters at Lloyd's and London Company Insurers